Stable integration of WhatsApp and Telegram with amoCRM
via API



Our server uptime is 99.9%
All restarts occur during non-working hours


Your number is securely protected
when using our WhatsApp API gateway


The load is distributed across multiple servers
20,000 messages are sent per day

What is LeadSender

Use messengers for business

LeadSender is already used for: correspondence from CRM systems,
booking beauty salon appointments, sending job details or chatbots with promo codes

Improve communication with your audience

LeadSender API is designed for creating chatbots, messenger integrations
with business systems (CRM, ERP, website)

More than 3 years

Successful work in the field of messenger automation

Tariffs and capabilities


Integration with CRM
Cannot write first
Sending files up to 5 MB
You can connect 1 number

$20 / month

for each phonenumber


Integration with CRM
Can write first
Sending files up to 50 MB
Sending messages with buttons

$30 / month

for each phonenumber


Integration with CRM
Can write first
Sending files up to 100 MB
Priority technical support

$45 / month

for each phonenumber

Server uptime

Try 3 days
for free

On the maximum tariff

Frequently asked questions from customers

Easy integration of WhatsApp with amoCRM. Connection in 48 seconds without developers and black magic.

Yes, without any problems. You can transfer all salespeople to one channel, or you can make each one separate. If you have a large company, leave a request, and we will tell you how we can help.

If you have any questions, contact us!

We always listen to our customers. That's why LeadSender is convenient and easy to use.
If you have any suggestions, please contact us! This way you can help develop this service.